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  • Setting the dog up for success

  • Training new skills to replace bad habits

  • LIMA Philosophy - Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive methods

  • Management of the home environment as necessary

Humane Methods & Positive Reinforcement

Distinctive Dog Training's behavior modification and training programs are all based on the most humane methods possible.


The basis of positive reinforcement training is to recognize that the dog is doing something right, acknowledging that behavior with a marker signal (a clicker and/or your voice) and rewarding.


Training should be an enjoyable process for both dog and human. You will create a wonderful relationship with your dog by building mutual trust and respect for each other.


Dogs exhibiting objectionable behaviors will be taught alternatives that are more acceptable to the family.


The first step in this process is the identification of the event that triggers the problem behavior. Then with a combination of management and retraining an alternative under controlled circumstances, your dog will learn to choose the right thing to do and be rewarded for it.


These methods are much more pleasant for everyone involved than to punish the dog for breaking rules he never knew existed.

Distinctive Dog Training - Keller, Texas

Training on our own was going nowhere...

"Training her on our own was going nowhere. We could not figure her out! She barked at everything, destroyed our furniture, and did as she pleased. I knew she needed a professional.


I found Barb after a lot of searching and liked how she used positive reinforcement. After having Barb over for our one-on-one training, both dogs have more confidence, listen and pay attention, and are finally well behaved!


I was amazed at how quickly my little girl's behavior improved, and my little boy was learning even more commands than I thought possible. I am still amazed at the results! Thank you so much Barb!"
~ Sarah S.

Distinctive Dog Training - Keller, Texas
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