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The perfect way to jump start your dog's training. This is Distinctive Dog Training's exclusive board & train program.

Canva - Yellow Labrador puppy sitting on

Training Camp

Need your dog trained,

but don't have the time to learn how?


For fastest results, send him to live with a professional trainer for a few weeks!


When your dog comes to Training Camp, he will live in Barb's home 24/7, learn new skills, polite manners, and practice consistently throughout the day. He will get plenty of playtime with other friendly dogs and get lots of love and attention.


Daily journal updates are shared with the owner, as well as photos and videos of training sessions so that you can follow along and see how new skills are being taught.


Training Camp is an intensive program focusing on manners, impulse control and basic obedience skills.  The average stay is 3 weeks - baby puppies less, older dogs more. Space is limited and only one camper starts at a time.


2 weeks - $2100

3 weeks - $3000

4 weeks - $3950

Cost includes daily training, play time, nap time, enrichment activities, and social time with other dogs. Also included in the cost is either a harness (if needed) or an enrichment toy/puzzle to go home with. Along with skill training, we also help the dog become comfortable with body handling and cooperative care. Your dog will be bathed and nails clipped before his return home.

Before a dog can be enrolled in Camp, a consultation visit will be set up so Barb can get to know your family and your dog.

Training Camp can't address serious behavioral issues like separation anxiety, aggression or severe fear issues. Dog must be already comfortable relaxing in a crate.

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